About Us

Our Mission

Nurturing and inspiring curious, creative and gifted minds.

Our Program

The Rancho Viejo Montessori School is designed in its every detail to create confident, self-motivated and academically prepared children. Montessori education is time-tested, time-proven and timeless. Yet it remains revolutionary in its common sense, child centered approach.

We believe that children learn by doing and love purposeful work. Montessori education attends to the total development of the child – social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Rancho Viejo School is dedicated to its Montessori philosophy, which embraces interactive and self-directed learning, academic excellence, respect and appreciation for the environment, and the celebration of all peoples and cultures. Explore this site for details about our approach and come for a visit. You will find a school where children are treated with respect, structure is inherent, and the learning possibilities are endless.

We welcome children without regard to race, religion, color, or creed.

Our School Offers:

  • The finest in Early Childhood Education
  • Authentic Montessori Education
  • Programs for Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary and Middle School students
  • Character Development, Values & Integrity
  • Certified and Experienced Staff
  • Integrated School of the Arts


“I love your school! When I walk in each morning, it feels like I’m walking into my own home! This is one place where the personal attention given to a child is incomparable! Our Kids are in very good hands!”
– Carolina K.

“Our three children have the privilege of attending RVMS. We visited over a dozen schools in the area upon learning that we’d be living in south Orange County, and kept being drawn back to this haven of learning. It possesses the ideal combination of academics, arts, and life skills. I’m especially appreciative of the way the dedicated teachers honor each child as an individual, enthusiastically guiding them on their own unique journeys. The school is a true unified community of the children and their families, providing the ideal home-away-from-home environment.”
– Ria C.

“It took a simple birthday party at a “fun zone” for us to realize the value of a Montessori education at Rancho Viejo School. All around, dozens of kids were running and screaming, arguing and fighting. These children were not from RV Montessori. My 3 year old daughter was terrified.

We found our group and the birthday boy and several older classmates called my daughter to join them. They realized how frightened she was so they took her hand and said they would help her play. The boys gently took her to the top story of the play structure where they helped her fire balls from the cannon. They did not argue or fight about who gets to go next, or that this little girl was taking too much time. They just enjoyed playing and helping each other.”

Leadership is taught at an early age in Montessori. Love, kindness and respect are natural byproducts of the RV Montessori environment. This is why our family has sent, at one time or another, all three of our girls to Rancho Viejo Montessori.”
– Catherine H.

“I remember bringing our daughter Sara to Rancho Viejo Montessori School to see it and meet Miss Debbie when Sara was not yet two years old…. She has been attending ever since (she is now in 6th grade) – and we love it. I also remember Sara and her toddler classmates amazing both family and friends because they could actually SPEAK complete and meaningful sentences… Montessori fosters awesome language skills at very young ages!”
– Cheri M.

“Our son has been going to this Montessori school for the past two years and will continue for many more. As parents we greatly appreciate the approach toward embracing our son’s individuality and creativity. This non-competitive and friendly environment has proven to be a very palpable and positive influence on our son. The personal care and dedication that the teachers have given our son, is reflected in his academic achievements and his interest toward school. Thank you to all of the teachers, thank you for keeping this wonderful Montessori approach.”
– Bernie and Adriana N.

“To find a place where we could leave our first and only child every week, we did our research and we feel so fortunate to have our son attending everyday at Rancho Viejo Montessori School. When we drop him there he walks in very confident to his classroom, excited because he knows he will see his teachers and friends. When he started at two years old, we always left with peace of mind, knowing that the teachers will take excellent care of our most precious and marvelous thing, our son. Now he is three and can talk about what he did at school everyday. He always comes with new words or sentences. My son loves his School, he loves to say “good morning” to Miss Debbie first thing in the morning, He loves his teachers and his favorite day is the “Helper day” where he has a chance to share with others and bring something special to show to his classmates. Some times he asks me on Saturdays if he will have school!”
– Grecia C