When you first begin researching Montessori education, you’ll hear phrases such as child-centered classrooms, planes of development and freedom within the structure. What this means is that lessons—the curriculum—are presented individually to each child in a way that they naturally learn about topics that interest them. As a result, children are excited about learning. They are focused, calm, and behave in an orderly and respectful way. They absorb everything.

You are invited to see this for yourself. Come to The Rancho Viejo Montessori School and observe a class in progress. Talk with our teachers and Head of School. Most importantly, talk with our students. We offer tours each morning between 9 and 11 AM. You will see why we believe the Montessori method is our hope for a stronger, more peaceful tomorrow. Please contact us at 949-459-0199 to set up an appointment.

We are currently accepting applications for next school year.

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