Birthday Celebrations

Dear Parents,

The CELEBRATION OF LIFE is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday by honoring a child's life and accomplishments. On your child's birthday, please send in one birth photo, one at 1 year old, one at 2 years old, etc. Also send us the story of your child's life which will be read during the celebration. Let your child participate in selecting pictures and writing his or her life story.

The CELEBRATION OF LIFE is done on circle. A candle is lit to represent the moment of birth. Your child will walk once around the circle to represent each year of life. The children sing "The earth goes round the sun." At the end of the celebration your child prepares a special treat. Please send in a cake mix and icing so your child can prepare and bake a birthday cake to share with their classmates.

The Celebration of Life is a very special occasion to honor your child's life. Thank you for your help in making your child's celebration a meaningful and memorable event.

Miss Debbie

PS: Here is a Sample Story.

The Story of Susie

Susie was born on May 6th in Mission Viejo, California, in the United States on the continent of North America, on the planet earth. She had to be held and taken care of all the time, couldn't talk to tell mom or dad what she needed, had to wear diapers, drank lots of milk and slept most of the time. (or similar)

When Susie was 1 year old she learned to walk, had a party, (or similar).

At 2 years old Susie learned to use the potty, (or similar)

When Susie was 3 years old she came to Montessori school, could talk in whole sentences, run, and ride a tricycle, (or similar). She loved doing metal inset work at school. At home she helped by setting the table and making her bed. (Continue to child's present age.)

And now Susie is 4 years old. She can tie her shoes all by herself. Her favorite color is blue, favorite food is spaghetti, and favorite thing to do is "Riverdance".




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